Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Creative Dating Dynamic

I'm going out with this gal. Have you met her? Her name is Creativity, and boy is she one of a kind -- sassy, flirty, spunky. The take-me-out-to-dinner-and-I-might-let-you-kiss-me-good night type that you want to show off to your parents if you weren't so afraid she might blurt out something completely off the wall. She flaunts like she knows she's the best you'll ever get, and of course she's right.

Tingle To Your Toes

Ah, the exhilerating rush of that first date. You'd done everything you could to impress: wore your best shirt, spritzed that smell-goody stff in the right place, maybe even showed up with a bouquet you grabbed at the grocery store on the way over.

And the night goes great, of course. You hit it off and she gave you a little something-something to remember her by. Like you would forget!

But Then . . .

Because you're feeling so great from the initial get-together, you forget to call for a couple days. You take her for granted -- no big deal, right? She's hurt when you finally do call, but you still have a pretty good time together. Although she gives you a little kiss you have to admit that it was lacking some of the pizazz it had before.

Why is she so sensitive? What does she expect, roses from a balcony and love songs every night? Sheesh.

Long-Term Affair

You make it through those first rocky months, finally waking up to the fact that you have to give her what she wants or she'll play the hide and seek game just when you need her to come out. Like any relationship, this one takes work or else she . . . ever elusive, Creativity . . . will slip right through your fingers.

Be, Uh, Creative

Come on, you can do better than dinner and a movie. You gotta change things up to keep any flame alive! My Creativity loves bright colors and shiny things (hello, Christmas!). What does yours like? Have you taken the time to find out? Anybody that's ever been in a relationship knos that there's a lil' bit of foreplay involved before the big show.

Cool It, You're Not Married or Anything

One thing you gotta realize if you're having an affair with Creativity: You're not exchanging vows and sharing a sock drawer for crying out loud. Sooo . . . get a life. Don't spend every waking hour coaxing her to tell you all her delicious secrets. Do your thing, take her out once in a while, and she'll give you a call when she's ready. ;-)

Photo credit: Kjunstorm


Lance said...

Hi Bri,
This is reminding me...to let creativity in! And that's a good thing. I wonder how I'm doing at this - honestly, if I look at this - what my relationship with her is? I'm going to spend some time and see where I'm at - and that's thanks to you, my friend! And this you've written! THANK YOU!

Giovanna Garcia said...

Hi Bri

Very clever post :-) You remind as of creativity is a kind of like a relationship. If we want a great relationship, we have to spend time and give care to it :-)

Thank you,
Giovanna Garcia