Monday, August 3, 2009

Words. My Words?

There is a voice inside me . . . growing louder, gaining momentum, engulfing my thoughts. It tries to break free, but when I attempt to grasp the words to bring conveyance to them, they float away like the dandelion seeds on a spring day.

I have a passion. But unfortunately, I have not learned how to formulate and express it in a clear and concise way that others may be interested in.

To put it simply, I care about American agriculture. I care about our freedom to farm, about our rapidly diminishing farmland due to overdevelopment, and about the quality of our food because it is a direct relation to the quality of our health and our lives. I care about the policies that affect those things and want to do what I can to find my place in this circle.

But where does that leave this blog? What direction will it take?

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Lance said...

Listen to that's you and it's a beautiful voice. Keep this out there, and it will formulate for you. You "care". That word, care, is one I read here this morning and believe deeply in how deeply this comes from within you. So, while I can't answer those questions, I do know that there IS a place for you in this circle. Listen to your heart, my friend...the world needs more people like you. You are shining your light brightly, and a path will come into view...