Friday, February 6, 2015

This Dusty Ol' Blog of Mine . . .

Well, has it been a minute or what?

Life is funny that way. Sometimes you lose track, sometimes you follow a different path, and sometimes you're just damn busy.

But the ties that hold our heart together are the last to give up, and eventually we have to honor them -- to get back on the road that strengthens our soul and feeds joy to our heart. So let's brush the dust off of this here journal and get back on the road to living. Not just working and paying bills and raising a family and maintaining a household . . . no, living. The kind of living that makes you excited to get up in the morning, that makes you burn inside with purpose, that makes life worthwhile.


  • We started a business last year - Infusions Nursery (although I might be changing the name to reflect more appropriately with our main product). We sell microgreens to farmer's markets, a major produce distributor, and restaurants. 
  • Emma is in kindergarten and we're homeschooling.
  • Still on the farm, still thinking about buying somewhere else if we can't buy this one.
  • Still the same crew of pets and goats, although the chickens are gone. After the fox had several delicious chicken dinners we gave up on animals that won't even *try* to stay alive.
  • Several trips planned this year: Smokies, Niagara Falls, Kansas and Colorado, and hopefully at least one more.
  • I completed my PDC in Sept 2012

Let's get back in the game, shall we?

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