Thursday, December 11, 2008

13 Reasons to Switch Your Mulitivitamin

1. Shaklee's Vita-Lea has no sugars, colorings, or fillers -- something most leading brands cannot claim.

2. Vita-Lea has twice the amount of vitamins C and E for immune support and prevention of free-radical damage.

3. Twice the calcium and magnesium, and we all know that we as women need that!

4. Vita-Lea uses only the best, most expensive ingredients.

5. The addition of Biotin, an important B vitamin used for energy production. Because of its high cost, none of the other companies include it in their multivitamins.

6. Full money back guarantee.

7. Each product goes through 349 quality-control tests. Can your vitamin brand say the same thing?

8. Vita-Lea has been on the market for over 90 years, making it a brand we can trust for its safety and quality.

9. Vita-Lea is cold processed to maintain all the the enzymes that aid in nutrient absorbtion. Most companies use heat to process their products.

10. It's peer-reviewed, meaning researched by unbiased companies that don't have any financial interest in the product.

11. Vita-Lea is the only vitamin that uses a patented ioactivated Absorption System to enhance the assimiliation of nutrients in our bodies.

12. It's perfectly balanced.

13. I use it, so you should too! :)

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