Saturday, December 13, 2008

Maximize Your Pilates Workout

Chances are, I don't have to expound much on the virtues of Pilates. With all the media attention and the growing number of devotees, Pilates has pretty much found its way into our regular exercise regimens.

Having been a regular partaker for some years now, though, I all to well know the dangers of hitting that plateau and reaching boredom with the same set of exercises. That's why my husband got me a great new dvd for my birthday a while ago, and even I felt the morning after muscle burn with it!

It's Stott Pilates with a stability ball. It's awesome because it forces you to work a whole new range of muscles, improves your balance, and gives you a new twist on some of the familiar moves.

If you love Pilates, you won't be disappointed!

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