Friday, December 19, 2008

Why I Choose Shaklee Supplements

While I don't claim expert status, I have spent the past three years researching nutrition and various companies and have reached this conclusion: none (that I've seen) are as committed to quality and purity as the Shaklee corporation. A few noteworthy attributes about this company:

1. Quality. They perform over 83,000 quality control tests annually and are so dedicated that if any impurities are found with any product, they will discontinue it. Example: In 1998, all of the Panax Gingseng suppliers were infected with a fungicide that's illegal in the US. Shaklee was the only known company to find that out and stop selling the product for two years until it was cleared up.

2. Bioavalibilty. A big word that essentially means nothing more than how much of the nutrients in any given supplement our body can absorb . . . Shaklee uses a cold processing system to ensure as much enzyme activity as possible and has numerous patents out on their formulation for different supplements to guarantee maximum absorption.

3. Peer Reviewed. This is a big one: Shaklee publicly submits all research to 3rd party studies that have no financial interests in the company. Case in point: a landmark study done by Berkeley that proved that Shaklee supplements were superior to other similar products.

4. Performance. World-class athletes have used Shaklee for years, including the US Ski and Snowboarding Team, 7 (of 25) of Time Life's Greatest Adventures of All Time, Eli Bremer (#1 in US in the Modern Penthatholon, and a lot more. If such serious athletes support their health with Shaklee, it must work!

5. Guaranteed. Shaklee guarantees that what's on the label is what's in the bottle. They can do this because of the rigorous testing each product receives before, during, and after processing.

6. Company that Cares. From my experiences, it's a company that cares not only about the environment (recognized as the EPA's climate leader in 2006), but also about people. Everytime I've had somebody on the phone they have been so friendly and helpful, unlike many customer service experiences with large corporations.

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