Monday, January 12, 2009

4 Expensive Things You Don't Need to Lose Weight

I think every one of us can relate to this picture! Unless you're an abnormal super-workouter that actually enjoys staring at the same spot on the wall while getting nowhere (and no offense if you are -- wish I could do that!), then treadmills are no good for getting in shape. Mind torture isn't a very good motivator!

Cool thing is, we don't really need any of the expensive stuff to get that great body. Wanna know what you can avoid without feeling guilty? It's ok, you have my permission. ;-)

1. Gyms. Unless you're dedicated to a personal trainer, you really really enjoy the group classes and actually go, or it has a lot of ameneties that you use (pool, raquetball, etc), then you seriously don't need a gym to get in shape. Think about it: most of the equipment is the same boring stuff that makes you dread working out. Not only that, but unless you're working with a trainer chances are you'll fall into a rut and do the same exercises over and over . . . which, by the way, your body doesn't really benefit from. So you might lose some weight but not reach your target body -- there's more ways than that to get fit. If you're not the super-workouter, cut the gym and save your money.

2. Diet Supplements. Shakes, pills, powders: fads. Forget 'em. It's much better to spend your money eating a balanced nutritious diet than getting bored drinking the same meal replacement stuff everyday or hoping the "lose the flab" pill you're popping will work before Cousin Sara's wedding.

3. Expensive Equipment. Same thing as the gym. Do you really think you can stick to doing the same boring workout 3 days a week for those killer abs they show on TV? Having an awesome body and staying in shape requires variety, not the same freakin' movement that an elliptical or stationary bike or treadmill offers. Plus they cost a ton and take up a whole room -- who has the energy for that?

4. Diets. Yep, diets are expensive. And they suck. I firmly believe that eating should be pleasurable -- after all, it's how we sustain life. Don't torture yourself. Start small, cut some crap and add something healthy that you enjoy. Maybe a few fewer ho-hos a week. Little changes over time = huge results.

My own disclaimer: not everything I say applies to every single person. Life, becoming healthy, being you is different for each individual. So find what works for you! But still, you have my permission to have absolutely no guilt for ditching these big-ticket health products. :)

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