Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday's Faves: Netflix!

I'm a firm believer that workouts should be fun and different almost everytime. Otherwise, why bother? The reason so many people don't meet their weight loss goals or go to the gym is that it's just so boring.

Or they're too busy.

Either way, I recently discovered that Netflix has over 1,500 fitness dvds! I'm so excited. Instead of buying one without even knowing whether we'll like it, we can now try hundreds if we choose. New workouts every week!

For only $5 bucks a month, we can have a lot of the benefits of a $50 per month gym membership. How cool is that?

This week I'm getting Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds. Unfortunately I'm kinda limited due to my very-pregnant state, but I can try. And I can let ya'll know what I think about it! :)

Photo: Perfecto Insecto


Nicole.Ann said...

I might have to try and sign-up for netflix!!!

We have this healthy living channel on our comcast...unfortunately it also has cooking and home shows so when I have time it's not always the fitness/workout/stretching programs :(

A Lady Called Amy said...

haha!! i have netflix... didn't even think to look up work out videos. i'm still into my yoga booty ballet though. :-P i need motivation though, and a buddy to do it and laugh with. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice Tip Brianna. I'm addicted to my P90X for now. I love the support of my workout group too.