Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Want to Actually Enjoy the Most Vital Change You Can Make to Your Health?

We all know that we're supposed to drink more water (half our body weight in ounces, to be exact). In fact, the more soda, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages that we consume the more dehydrated our bodies become.

Did you know that being hydrated will actually help you lose weight? The reason is, when we are in a state of chronic dehydration (and most Americans are -- if you're honest you'll probably realize that you are too) our bodies tend to hang on to the fat reserves as a survival mechanism.

Fact is, you can't lose weight without getting enough water.

So why not enjoy it? Get an infuser like the one pictured and add some variety to the most perfect "diet" beverage. A few fun ways to turn plain old water up a notch:

Herbal tea. I personally love tea so much that I don't think I've even tried all the different varieties in my cupboard. The infuser is great for summer iced tea. Just make a batch sip it throughout the day! Plus it adds a ton of antioxidants to your water, upping your health benefits even more. The European Journal Of Clinical Nutrition even suggested that drinking tea is even better for you than plain water with the high flavonoid content reducing your risk for cancer and heart disease.

Fruit. Lemons, limes, grapefruit, berries, kiwi . . . the flavors are endless. You could even mix and match! Slice a few and put them in the infuser side to add some flavor and a nutrition punch.

Carbonated. Miss the carbonation? Just get some soda water and add fruit or a splash of fresh juice. Your taste buds will love you!

Make a delicious smoothie. Who said getting in shape and being healthy had to be torture? Whip up an awesome smoothie and keep the extra in your freezer. You could add some organic protein powder if that's what floats your boat, or fruit, or (yum) some good dark chocolate. Yes, that's a health food too!

If you think you need a water purifier but don't want to spend the money, you can actually test it with the Watersafe All-In-One test kit. It's less than $20 so it's a good idea. If you do end up needing a filter, Aquasana makes one of the best that I've seen in my research.

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Lance said...

Tea and smoothies - two things I love, but have managed to remove from my diet. Thanks for the reminder Brianna - I'm off to hydrate!