Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Future Greenhouse!

A while ago I saw plans for a greenhouse made out of storm doors/windows. I fell in love with the creativity and uniqueness of the idea and have been wanting to do something like that.

And, today we found some! A week ago our neighbor put some old windows outside so we've been keeping an eye on them . . . today he put up a free sign. Cool! Kenny drew some plans and we have enough for a decent sized greenhouse.

Things fall into place, one step at a time. :-)


Stone Bridge Farm said...

yeah, but are you waiting until you move???? I would!

Bri said...

Lol definitely . . . not gonna do that twice!

Lance said...

Very cool! Your own greenhouse, I love it!!

Tammy-Cricket said...

This will be so much fun. Think about all of those silent times you can have in the winter. This really is a neat idea. Keep us posted.