Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm Back!!

We're finally online after almost five months. I'm looking forward to catching up!

A few quick updates:

-Emma's turning one in a couple of weeks. She's starting to walk and loves to make us laugh. :)
-The house is . . . well . . . wearing us out.
-Still looking for a good job. I'm waitressing part time and we start farming for Alex next month, but we need a better income to help us get by. The economy in Ohio is NOT good.
-I'm going back to school! Very excited. Although my (our) heart's dream is to farm, we need a good income to provide for our family and get us to the farm. Eventually we hope it will support us, but for the time being I have an appointment with an admissions counselor at Kent State for next week. I'm planning on a biology or conservation degree. I'm very very excited.
-We're enjoying all the diversity that Ohio has, like the parks and things to do.

Overall, we're doing well. I'm glad to be back!

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