Sunday, February 7, 2010

Top Pick Magazines

I love magazines. I love the beautiful colors and photographs, the short articles that stretch my brain while giving it a break from the usual heavy reading that I do, and the scope for imagination that a good magazine has. I've recently come across two new favorites; if you have any interest in plants or country living, you should definitely check them out.

Horticulture is great. It has wonderful pictures and beautiful colors that are sure to give you a lift no matter what mood you're in. Informative articles inspire you to try new plants or techiniques, and the Master Gardener's page is a good way to see what volunteers around the country are doing to help their communities.

MaryJane's Farm is eclectic. I love anything that's quirky and unique. MaryJane's is full of women around the country that share a love of country living, gardening, and farming . . . whether they live in the country or not. Cover to cover pictures tease your imagination, and the fuzzy articles make it a perfect magazine to enjoy with a cup of tea.

Any other favorites out there?

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