Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Vision for Wild at Heart Farm

The mission of Wild at Heart Farm is to produce the most nutritious food possible in a sustainable manner while actively participating in the local community and economy.

Our vision is much deeper: imagine a beautiful place, filled with flowers, happy animals, and good friends. That is our farm. We wish to operate on a farm-share basis for our raw milk and meats, and we see want to see our shareholders as our friends. Our goal is to host frequent cook outs and family days to get everyone together and inspire a sense of community and belonging to Wild at Heart Farm. We aim to have a garden spot for everyong to participate in, and take vegetables as their family needs. It is important to us that our nutritious food is accessible to everyone, so we will donate surplus to members of the community that cannot afford it, as well as offer work shares so that more people can afford it. We also want to sponsor classes to teach folks how to become more self-sufficient. We want to be a farm that does a great deal of good for the local community and economy.

Because we desire to be a big part of a community, we are seeking to do this with as little debt and bank interferance as possible through sales of farm shares, cow shares, and a fundraiser. You can help if you like! Email me at briannawrench at yahoo dot com for info on how to get involved.

We can make this happen!

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