Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introducing: Wild at Heart Farm

We have been taking steps in faith lately to bring about our farm, and one post that is way overdue is the name that we have settled on and absorbed as part of us: Wild at Heart. It fits us so completely that there is little doubt that the name of our dream could be anything but that.

We have been doing a lot lately, actually. I have completed the first draft of our business plan for a cow-share dairy, as well as put several feelers out there for land.

See, I always had this "order" in my head that things had to go: 1st, money to buy/rent; 2nd, marketing; 3rd, find customers, begin farming.

But now I have realized that tough times call for extremely creative measures, and only people that show perseverance in being creative will really make it. So we're doing things a little different for Wild at Heart Farm. :)

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