Saturday, April 17, 2010


The decision has been made, the vow declared.

For better or for worse, I am a writer.

Along with the other hats I wear, this step was not taken lightly. The lack of financial options present in our current situation pushed me -- literally pushed -- into deciding for myself what I wanted my future to be. Do I want a crappy job and hope that we can save enough for our farm, and never go back to college or have enough money for a vacation? Or do I want to life my future as I know I was meant to live it . . . right now, instead of waiting until "the time was right."

If there's one thing that I've learned, it's that the time will never be right.

So I quit my job. Yes, that was a cold ocean to jump into, but surprisingly I have felt remarkable peace since that day. Peace that defies logic, really. I feel that I am finally doing the right thing, the thing that I am supposed to be doing.

Meanwhile, we're working more hours for Alex at MudRun Farm and loving it. Kenny has quite a hand with the horses and it's really fun to watch him working with them. A few days ago all three of us went down together to try farming as a family and it worked out great; Emma was an angel and even slept in her playpen with chickens coming up to greet her every so often.

It felt so right.

Life has been hard since we moved here, and many times we've questioned whether it has all been a big mistake; however, it's moments like that that show us that we are on the right path to the future that we crave. Now it's just waiting for the financial blessing to shower on us and allow us to really move forward.

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